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    Responsive design dont work. Browser turns blanc with breakpoints.

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      I'm facing a problem that I can't resolve, despite everything I tried, searched on internet, and  namely in the Adobe forum's.

      This is my problem:

         Building a website without breakpoints is no problem. It works well, but like I would expect, I need the responsive design, with the breakpoints to make my site even more accessible for other devices. So I started reading the Adobe helping tips, movies on youtube, etc.... but when I apply all that stuf I just can't get it to work. Breakpoints in the master, the same breakpoints on the pages, ... Website properties check.... everything that I can do (at least that I think I can do...) I allready did.

      What I also found strange, and didn't find anything up to now on internet, is that, when I do the preview to check how everything is working, especialy with the breakpoints, the browser turns white, or beter said, the website is just gone, under a certain screen dimension. I thing around 960 px. When working in the design screen of Muse it works like I want, like its supose to... Make it smaller or bigger with the breakpoints and everything moves like I intented to,  but making a preview or testing on a browser, no breakpoints and no website on the browser (again under a certain screen mesure).


        Due to my inexperience with Muse, I confess that I just don't know what to do, and I'm pretty sure that it is problably something simple, or something that I i'm forgetting.


      Please help!!!! what  am  I doing wrong....or what do I need to do in order to get my website to work like it is supose to...


      Best regards,


      Zé da SIlva