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    Skin problem when rewriting adobe components

      I wanted to extend NumericStepper with a class called TimeStepper. That would let you step though the minutes of the day but display and read like '5:30 PM' or '17:00'

      Unfortunately, pretty much everything in NumericStepper is private and I need to do things like allow characters to be entered into the text field.

      So I copied the code from NumericStepper.as to my code tree, modified it and saved it as TimeStepper.as.

      My problem is that there are some relative includes:
      include "../styles/metadata/styles/metadata/BorderStyles.as"
      include "../styles/metadata/FocusStyles.as"
      include "../core/Version.as";

      How do I make these work? Or for that matter, am I even doing the right thing?