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    [Ann] D.eval API v1.1

      The D.eval API is for evaluating textual dynamic AS3 code within Flex or Flash programs. It brings eval() capability to AS3 programming. And it is freeware now with v1.1.

      The D.eval API supports a powerful embedded language with these features:
      (a) Supports all the AS3 expressions and statements, including E4X. ('switch' support is new in v1.1)
      (b) Can define user function in the dynamic code (new in v1.1)
      (c) Can interact with the calling host environment.

      The library has been tested with Flex 3 and Flash CS3 (new in v1.1). As usual, it comes with complete documentation and rich examples. The examples can be viewed online, where Flex libraries are linked in as RSLs to reduce their sizes (dramatically).

      Another change between v1.1 and v1.0 is the package name: it is now "r1.deval".

      Why is it called D.eval? Because the whole API contains just one class, "r1.deval.D", of which the most important method is the static one, eval(). So you would use D.eval() or one of its variants in your code.

      The D.eval API is on Flex Exchange; or just visit http://www.riaone.com/deval/ .

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          First off, great work!

          I was playing around with it and couldn't find a solution so I was wondering if you could answer this. My goal is to dynamically add sprites that the user can interact with. The problem seems to be that I cannot define the listener functions dynamically. Any solution to this?