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    Adobe DC forms & javascript


      I have form that I need help on for custom javascript.  I am working with Adobe DC and I'm new to java and pdf forms and I need your colaboration


      I need to check 3 checkboxes, if checkbox1 is ckeck then its value 3,  if checkbox2 is ckeck then its value is 5, if checkbox3 is check then its value is 1.


      I need to check 2 groups of radio bottons:

                          the first group have two alternatives. The value of the first alternative is 5 and de value of the second is 3

                          the second group have four alternatives:

                                              alternative 1:     value 1

                                              alternative 2:     value 2

                                             alternative 3:     value 3

                                              alternative 4:     value 4

                                                                                                                               MAXIMUM VALUE

      I need to sum all the ticks, the maximum value will be 3+5+1 (if all the check boxes are clicked) + 5 (alternative1 first group of radio bottom) + 4 (alternative4 of second group of radio button) = 18




      I need a new field with the three options:


                                                                            IF Total value is = 0. Because the form is not filled at all -----> NOT AVALIABLE

                                                                            IF Total value is < 10 ------------- > INSUFFICIENT

                                                                            IF Total value is => 10 ------------- > SUFFICIENT


      Thanks, a lot.