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    How to use Photoshop without Creative Cloud?

    sidneyc39378208 Level 1

      I was on with Adobe support for more than 2 hours the other day, since my computer apparently just won't install Creative Cloud. Every time it tries, it says that there is an error, and can either quit or repair, and if I choose repair the process starts all over again for an endless loop that never resolves. By the end of my time with Adobe support, they concluded that I just can't install Creative Cloud on my machine (no reason why, just that it won't work), and linked me to install Adobe products with direct download links.


      What they failed to tell me however, was that I still can't open these programs without Creative Cloud.


      So. What I'm wondering is, is there a way I can open photoshop without having to have creative cloud (because I simply cannot)?


      Thank you!