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    Novice Needing Help With Action


      Looking to create an action to process a batch of images into 2 layers (stacked)


      I do not have programming skills and limited knowledge in general with Photoshop.


      The method I used for one by one processing was nothing more than drag, drop and place then Save as. Would love to have help creating similar Action to process over 2500 images. 


      High quality is not my end goal here. Simply placing a primary photo on a new background.



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          If it is the same images that you want to drag into all other images and all images have the same size and resolution it would be easy to create such an action that could be batched.  Otherwise it would be a Photoshop script that you would need to create.  Scripts are programs requires programming and Photoshop knowledge to write. You do not need to be a programmer to use scripts others write and make available.  Actions can not use logic except for a few document and layer conditions supported by conditional actions very few conditions can be tested for.


          If you are trying to process pairs or images search the Photoshop Scripting forum.  There have been several threads on that subject.  You may find some scripts have been posted there.