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    Lightroom only imports 1-3 photos at a time


      I'm having trouble with Lightroom Classic CC, version 7.1. When I import from a card reader, I can only import 1-3 photos, then it gets stuck and doesn't import anymore. The error message is that the files are not readable, or that it is unable to write to the drive. It doesn't sound right because it will import a few, but then stop. When I cancel the import and reinsert the card, it will import the next few photo or two and then stop again.

      I've followed the troubleshooting steps, and my Lightroom and Windows 10 are updated. I've reset preferences too. This is a new catalog too. This happens with all of my cards so far. Let me know what additional info I can provide to help troubleshoot, and what steps I should take. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it!