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    Anybody using Director 11 on Mac?

      I need to test how a simple Director game will work as a free standing projector on Mac with OSX Leopard. I have the .dcr file that was developed on Director for PC, and I need someone who can import it into Director for Mac and export it as a projector player for Mac. Anybody willing to help?
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          You can produce a MacOs Version ... even in Director 11.
          Take a look into the "publishing-settings" ... the only thing is,
          that you have to extract the ".zip"-file on a mac - not under Windows.
          That's all.

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            You know you can make Mac projectors from the PC version of D11, right?
            Have you tried that?

            From the sounds of it, you just need to make a stub projector that
            opens your dcr. So you can use the PC version to make a simple
            projector that has the following code in a frame script on frame 1:

            on exitFrame me
            go "YOURMOVIENAME"

            Of course, you would change YOURMOVIENAME to the name of your dcr.

            Then go into the publish settings and check the Mac box. Publish. You
            are done.

            If you have the source code for the dcr, you can simply publish the
            whole thing as a projector and not need the stub at all.