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    From Illustrator to Photoshop - problem with quality.




      I was looking for a solution everyware. I thik I've tried everything...


      I have a logo project that I made in the Illustrator. Now I'm making a layout for a webpage and I need to put this logo there. I was trying to copy and paste, paste as a smart object, change resolution and image size, export to SVG. I get the same effect everytime. It loses on quality.


      Currently I made a new Illustrator object, where work space has exacly the same size (160x100px) and the same resolution (72ppi), that I need it in my PS project (it's for the smallest size of mobile layout - 320 width and 72 ppi). Result of the import to PS you have in the pictures. I will be really grateful for the method, how to add my logo to the PS project, without loss of quality!


      This is view from an Illustrator:




      This is view from Photoshop, after import as an smart object:



      Photoshop and Illustrator have the latest versions CC (Illustrator with the latest bug fixes package).

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This looks like normal rasterizing to 320 pixel width. 320 pixels is a very small file! The pixels you see are the pixels you have in the document.


          Illustrator works with vector data, infinitely scalable. It doesn't care about document pixels or resolution, everything will always be displayed at full quality to your display resolution.


          But Photoshop is a different animal. It thinks in pixels only. Everything in Photoshop is rasterized to the document pixel grid. You can work with Smart Objects to maintain scalability of the original vector art, but eventually it will have to be rasterized to the base document's pixel resolution.

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            mkaniaa Level 1

            I understand, but now I dont know how to prepare well done layout, becouse I wanted to preapre layout with good responsiveness. That why I started from the smallest size of webpage. For the full size page I made a different logo of course, but I dont know how to bite the mobile form, so that it will looks well on all screens of mobile devices. In this quality, I guess it won't be that.

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              When you make a layout to a number of pixels, VIEW IT THAT SIZE EXACTLY.  If it looks good your work is done. Zoom in and it will look worse. Everyone’s does, it’s that simple.


              If people will view at a larger resolution, make it with a larger resolution.

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                mkaniaa Level 1

                Ok, so I will do more options, for each screen size. Thanks for the help!

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  I beleive if you save out an AI file or SVG file is Illustrator.  In Photoshop you can use menu File>Place embedded or linked the SVG or AI file.  That the Smart Object layer object will be a vector smart object not a normal smart object that is scaled via interpolation.  Photoshop does not support some files as well as possible.  However when you open some file formats like EPS, PDF  SVG Photoshop can scale the files ccontents to the size you want  using vector graphics as a single layer. Not all Illustrator layers just a single raster layer where all Illustrator's layers are merged into a composite..  Since the Smart Object layer's object is a copy or a link to the SVG file  Photoshop can process it like its opening the file and scale it to the size you need the layer to be using vector graphic not interpolation.