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    Subdomain Connections

      I am reopening a problem raised last year on this forum. When I try to edit a page in a subdomain (my-subdomain.my-domain.com/my-page.htm), it tells me that I am trying to edit a page I don't yet have a connection to. When I attempt to create the connection, it tells me I already have a connection to that domain (www.my-domain.com). It is true that I have a connection to the domain, but it isn't making a distinction for the subdomain. I cannot find a workaround for this. Although the subdomain is created as a folder within the root directory of the domain on the server, it is not actually a folder within the web site at www.my-domain.com. I consider this a serious deficiency of Contribute, an otherwise wonderful product. HAs anyone solved this problem or gotten any feedback from Adobe about it?