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    Compare pictures not possible


      Hello everyone,


      I just ordered Lightroom CC for 12 month (inlcuding Photoshop and 20GB cloud) for 12€ /month. After installing Lightroom I wanted to compare some pictures I took. But the manual I found


      How to browse and compare photos in Lightroom Classic CC


      is not working at all. It says


      In the Grid view or the Filmstrip, select two photos and then do one of the following:


        Click the Compare View icon

      in the toolbar


      If I select two pictures, I do not have something like that in my toolbar. This might be the documentation of the classic version, but how can I compare these pictures? I have the feeling that my version is something like a "lite" Version.


      The "Help -> About" says


      Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

      Version 1.1

      Build: 20171201-1016-60550c6



      Can somebody help me out?




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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Late last year Adobe screwed up the naming of Lightroom products.  Lots of people are confused. 


          The old computer and folder based Lightroom CC became Lightroom Classic.  The old cloud server based Lightroom Mobile became Lightroom CC.


          You are reading instructions that apply to Lightroom Classic while trying to make it work in (the new, cloud server based) Lightroom CC.


          In the help menu it will say Lightroom Classic Version 7.1.

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            This is the same problem I'm having.

            I cannot compare photos side-by-side or find any option for face recognition.

            These seem like very basic tools that are included in most every other photo editing software.

            Why not Lightroom CC?

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              alanmohring  wrote


              ....Why not Lightroom CC?

              I don't work the so really don't know.


              But, it appears that Lightroom CC (once Lightroom mobile, cloud Lightroom, etc) has an entirely new purpose.  It is aimed at providing quality editing to the photographers that use phones, tablets, websites, etc rather than their office computers.  It is an "ecosystem" of all the platforms. 


              Traditional editing feature remain vibrant in both Photoshop and "Classic" (computer, file based) Lightroom. 


              For photographers that want "side-by-side" or "face recognition" use "Classic".


              The real opportunity is to figure out the complex advantages of using the best of both through syncing tools.  It is really not about one or the other, but about getting the best of both at once!