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    Lightroom 6.0 (standalone) upgrade to Lightroom CC?


      I recently bought the perpetual license version of Lightroom so that I could pay for it once and have basic photo editing software forever. I did some research before buying and it didn't seem like I would need Photoshop so I didn't see the need to buy into other Creative Cloud apps. Now that I'm running Lightroom and editing photos, I found I want the capacity to do photo stacking and it is my understanding that this is not available in Lightroom (other than HDR stacking) and I would need Photoshop. If I want to do focus stacking, for example, I would rather stick with Adobe products than buy another photo editing product just for stacking. Can I upgrade my standalone purchase somehow to a CC subscription without completely throwing away the money I spent on the standalone version? Or do I have to buy into the CC subscription service and pay the approx. $119 a year anyways on top of the $150 I spent on the standalone version? Thanks.