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    Adobe Customer Service Complaint

    rqwcerfq34crd Level 1

      request (# 258424), request (# 258471), request (# 258474)



      I have purchased over $2,000.00 of Adobe software so I was expecting average customer service and at the very worst poor service would have been semi-understandable to me. The key word being service and even poor service would mean that the representative would be partially competent in the field and care enough for his job not to neglect a matter, but unfortunately, Adobe does not even meet the poorest score you can give a company for customer service.


      They make you spend hours on the line, either by chat or on the phone and transfer you around till you forgot what the issue is. If you file a complaint, well they ignore that too and close the case without bothering to contact you.


      I have over 88 cases that I have opened with Adobe and I am sad to say that each time it was the same unacceptable experience which now I am forced to take my issue to a higher court.



      I have two questions

      1. 1) Does anyone here have experience with taking Adobe to court?
      2. 2) Is anyone (or how many people are I should say) having the same issue that would like to join me the legal route.
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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Misak,


          I really apologize for the poor support experience that you've been through but trust me, it is not what Adobe wants you to have.


          I did check your account and see that there are many cases which have been reported by you. Would you be able to help me with the case reference number for your current issue or if you could let me know the details of your issue I assure you to provide the correct resolution or escalate the same on priority.


          Let me know if you need any information from my end.




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            rqwcerfq34crd Level 1

            Hello Sheena,


            I have spent days, not hours attempting to get assistance and its just a

            big game of "not the right department" that is being played here.

            Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident, but an ongoing pattern and

            the following clearly demonstrates the truth to my claims. My request is

            very straightforward and stems from the fact that I am experiencing serious

            issues with the CS 6 Web & Premium licensed software, which thru time I am

            being cheated out of my original purchase capabilities. I have previously

            requested to be upgraded (02/02/2017 Case # 221127783)to Adobe Designer as

            I meet the requirements (Acrobat Pro DC upgrade), but once more was

            provided poor service and let the issue pass as I was frustrated, to say

            the least.


            My request is to be provided options to reach a resolution for the trouble

            Ive had to experience, so here are some offers on the Adobe website:


            Single membership for Muse CC for my Mac CS 6 Web & Premium and PC CS 6 Web

            & Premium, as well as the right to the service of 5 free webhost that was

            previously include at the time of purchase.


            If that cannot be achieved, well then I as for yet another option that

            clearly is once again on Adobe site and would be for both platforms Mac &




            I have attached all the documents that are relevant and did so with

            consideration of your time, so please be considerate of mine.



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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi Misak,


              I checked the case number as provided by you and I have even escalated the options offered by you to the concerned team.

              They would be reaching out to you for the same.

              Appreciate your patience!




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                rqwcerfq34crd Level 1

                Hello Sheena,

                What team did you reach out to and how was the case escalated, because I received an e-mail asking me to "Please reply to this email or login to your Adobe account to find instructions and view your case. Your case will automatically be closed after 4 days if you don’t respond."

                ADB-838285-J1M3 .png


                I don't even know where to begin. This is a perfect example of the assistance I have been receiving from Adobe for years and also why I have had 86 cases, so I am wondering what part of the complaint made above had any relation to titles of the cases.



                The two cases were labeled "End User Account Management" (01/17/2018) and "Troubleshooting", so I responded on 01/26/2018 with "what questions do you have for me to reply."



                I replied back on the day I received the e-mail stating I would have four days to respond, so why was the case closed and what happen?


                Please keep in mind that I have purchased a good amount of software from Adobe, which set me back a couple of thousand and this is really the customer serviceUntitled.jpg that I have been accustomed to from case 1/86.

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                  Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                  Hi Misak,


                  As per the update shared with me, you were contacted by the support team were informed about the resolution via email.


                  I have asked the support team to contact you again and then close the case after your approval.


                  Apologize for the trouble.




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                    ChrisLauritzen Level 1

                    I couldn't log into Creative Cloud on a Saturday. They have no phone support on weekends so I was referred to a chat. After 25 minutes of ridiculous chat the representative said they couldn't help me with any technical issues (???) and would transfer me to a specialist. (I would wait two minutes after offering a reply to the representative before I'd get a response. Clearly the rep was not focused on just my issue. They were asking for information that had nothing to do with my problem.) After waiting another 15 minutes for them to transfer me to a specialist I finally had to bag out of the chat.

                    I'm worried about Adobe. They cut out support on one of my favorite programs (Muse), they've eliminated weekend and night phone tech support and even their chat services have diminished. What's going on?

                    By comparison to you Misak, my problems are minimal. Clearly they've cut back on personnel which appears to have added an element of chaos. Sorry to see Adobe head in this direction. But I think sooner or later they all do. When profit collides with customer service, profit always wins.

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                      Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                      Hi Chris,


                      Please specify the product with which you're experiencing troubles.

                      Our experts on forums will be able to assist you better.




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