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    Is it possible to consolidate takes into one?

    mre8 Level 1

      Sorry for the unclear question. I was not sure how to phrase it...


      I don't really use CA to capture live performance, but it seemed like it may be a useful tool to create animations.


      This is my first go with recording in the timeline after setting up my puppets. I noticed that every pass of a recording whether real-time or step recording results in a a new take layer for each trigger used.


      I thought my workflow would be adding triggers step by step. For example, I have a trigger to raise brows. I step record this trigger exactly where I want it to be across the timeline. If the character raises brows 15 times... I end up with 15 layers of takes (if I step record or try to record real-time in multiple passes)! It makes quite a visual mess of the timeline.


      Is there some better way to do such a step-recording type of workflow? Or a way to consolidate takes into one take? I basically would like to see all triggers in the same row. Kind of how a video or audio timeline would work. I know I can collapse a trigger layer(?) in the timeline with the triangle, but this is not helpful when I want to see the actual events to move or change the duration of each).



      From what I've read, it doesn't see like the layout I would like to see is possible. Thought I'd ask...

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          TDFAP Level 2

          Hello mre8,


          So, if I correctly understand, you haver a puppet with (example) a triggered eyebrow raise, that you'd like to use 15 times in your scene. You are recording each separate trigger (15 times) and getting the corresponding 15 takes in the timeline. Is there a reason you want to do each trigger on a separate take? Recording all 15 impressions of the trigger in one take will result in only one addition to your timeline, where you can then precision edit the in/out marks of each of your 15 trigger actions.


          Assuming I understand your needs correctly.  Also when you are clicked on any particular panel, press the ~ key to make that panel (timeline) full screen. It makes it a little easier to see what's going on. Press ~ again to return to record mode.


          Hope this helps, happy animating!

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            mre8 Level 1

            Yes, I would like all x number of triggers in one take, BUT I make those pesky mistakes and don't get it perfect in one take. I suppose I could plot the number of triggers I will need through out the scene and just record that number of times, then edit afterwards as you suggest. I hadn't thought of doing it that way.


            I suppose my desire to merge multiple takes into one take is a feature request. It would really help manage the timeline.



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              TDFAP Level 2

              CH has a really good ability to edit your takes once they've been recorded. Even if your triggers are off-time or absent you can change or edit hem. Once a take is recorded, you can right-click on the timeline track and change the trigger recorded (for visemes and swap sets) and adjust the end points. It's not uncommon for me to undo and re-record a botched take nine or ten times till I feel like I have it right, or close enough to edit.

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                mre8 Level 1

                Yes! For anyone following this thread (who are ending up with a cluttered timeline)...


                From this discussion, in order to have one take for each trigger without recording in real time realized I can...


                1. For single trigger events, record the event once, drag it out as long as you want, then use the razor (option-click) to slice it into parts that can be moved around in the timeline. Unwanted segments can be deleted after using the razor (creating gaps where needed).


                2. Same as above for swap set triggers, except you can also right click on a segment and either delete or choose a different layer of the swap set.


                I am basically repeating what TDFAP said above...