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    Director MX 2004 digital video playback

      Hi all,

      I have recently completed an update project in Director MX2004, this was completed by extracting the source from a customer supplied CD of an existing project (the original design company had gone into receivership and none of the source files survived) and essentially rebuilding all of the functionality, Navigation etc..
      All was well until the first draft showed that the digital video content failed to playback due to the failure to translate an Xtra (DirectMediaXtra) from the CD rip, the purchase of its successor (MPEGAdvance) cured the problem on our test machines but the customer is complaining that the projector still fails to load the digital video on some of their laptop PCs although this time not with a red cross but with a blank black screen.

      Am I at fault or is it a hardware CODEC problem? Any ideas? anyone Please?