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    Trapcode Form obj problem

    kartika8839101 Level 1

      Hey guys, i always get help from you guys when i need it the most, here is another problem i'm facing while using trapcode Form. I was working in comp in which i imported an .OBJ model using form. and everything was working fine. But due to some reasons i had to expand the work area i was working on. Like, i was creating a map of a city, in which i want to show a building using trapcode form okay, but now i had to expand the city are that i was working on so more area needed to be covered. and due to some reasons i started making it all over again, and now when i again placed that building on its place and then my camera goes zoom in to that particluar building, it's particles are all weird, they'r defintly not defining the shape of that building. and i dnt know why it's happening. i can think of two things right now, either it's happening maybe because now i had to scale down the building a lot, as the whole area was zoom out, and due to which small size is making it all weird.


      it could be happening as i created a new cam and had to go zoom in alot to go to my final point from the first point. these are the things i can think of. Pls guys do help me if someone knows what's the problem. I knw there should be some settings that i have to correct or something else to make the building identical to it's shape and it was in the first comp. now the particles and very weird looking. big and just in strating lines. like a low poly model.