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    Retaining Formatting in WebHelp

      I am new to this group and am currently designing my first WebHelp project in RoboHelp. I have completed one HTML Help file and had no issues with that one. However, although my web help project looks good when in the editor, it seems to lose all tabs and indents when I generate it and view it in a browser.

      I would also love to know how to customize the bullets available in the WYSiWYG editor.

      Thanks for any help you can send!
      Kim Babinski
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          What editor? Are you using RH HTML or RH for Word as both can produce webhelp? Sounds like RH HTML but just confirm that.

          In RH HTML, there is no concept of tabs in the way Word uses them so how are you creating them, if that is the editor you are using?

          If you are going to generate printed output as well I would caution against playing with bullets. You will need to do that from the css style sheet and it can be tricky.

          There's a number of topics on my site that will help you with this. Do scan through the topic on printing even if you don't intend to generate a printed output. Some of the points in it are relevant to your question.

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            TeachingMom Level 1
            Thanks for your help. I did look through several topics on your site (which I bookmarked as a great resource) but I was unable to find info on what is causing my topics to lose their formatting in IE while they look great in the WYSIWYG Editor. I am using RHX5 HTML to generate the output files and have simply been using the pre-defined bullet/number style which looks correct in the HTML. All of my topics require numbering and many require bullets.

            Currently, I am not thinking about printing. I'll handle that hurdle when I get there.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Create a new project with one topic and just a few bullet points. Generate that as webhelp. Does that have the same problem?

              Were your topics first created in Word?

              Also try temporarily attaching a different style sheet to one of your main project topics, preferably one you have not used or edited in any way.