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    Shockwave and Time

    the real POTMO Level 1

      Im trying to make a frameratecounter that is hard to tamper with.
      First i tried to user _system.milliseconds but I found out that the milliseconds can be tampered with really easy.
      Just download for example CheatEngine ( http://www.syndiv.com/ce/ ) and enable speedhack and set it to 0,2 and youll see that the milliseconds will increment at 20% of the actual milliseconds that have passed.

      Then i tried with the ticks but that has the same problem.

      I tried with a timeoutobject but that suffers from the same complications.

      Then i tried _movie.systemDate().seconds but that value can be changed with the systemclock (bottom right corner) in windows.

      I have also tried with crating a flash object with NewObject("Date") but that one doesnt update if you dont reinstanciate it and then it gets the time from the system clock (witch can be changed and are no good).

      Does anyone have a clue on how to work around this?