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    Beginner Lightroom CC Developer Question


      I am brand new to all of this and i am getting super frustrated. I am trying to learn via youtube videos on how to edit the photo in the developer tab but mine looks different than all of the lightrooms  in the videos so I can't follow. Every tutorial that I see has the titles of each section on the top right.. Mine does not. I can't find any of the options discussed.  I searched how to edit the sky and I have lightroom CC. Can anyone help me?? Is lightroom CC different layout then the standalone? Do i have to buy a standalone now or can I adjust my CC????

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The new LrCC has most of the editing tools of Lr Classic but the interface is slightly different.


          See if this video training course helps:


          New Lr CC - Training for Beginners

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Important to realize that Lightroom CC despite the name is not what you will find online referred to as Lightroom. It is a completely new and different program that Adobe came out with recently that is basically a port of the version of Lightroom that runs on iOS and android devices to desktop operating systems. The program that used to be called Lightroom is now called Lightroom Classic. Lightroom CC misses 90% of the features that Lightroom Classic has but it has the neat feature that it stores all your original images in the cloud instead of on your computer. That is useful to some people but definitely not to everybody. If you subscribed to Lightroom CC by accident, you should contact Adobe and have them side grade you to the subscription with Lightroom Classic that is the same prize and actually also includes Photoshop and CC but has only 20 GB of cloud storage.


            Adobe explains here what the differences between the two apps are: Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC - Which Workflow is Best for You? - YouTube