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    Modification in a topic effective for a future date

    charlesgagne Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      I just want to know if there is a way to do a modification in a topic but don't want to apply it right now and make this modification active for a future date. We have a lot of content and updates coming for different moment.


      As an example:

      Today i receive a modification for my topic A that needs to be effective for 2018-11, but tomorrow i receive another modification for the topic B that needs to be effective immediately. I don't want to have the modification of the topic A published before the right moment but i need to do it in advance to not lost track of modifications that are coming in.


      The best way i've found is to add a conditional tag for the content not the appear and the day that i need to add it, just remove the tag. This seems to me unproductive because i need to keep track and to do a step manually for each topic.


      If anybody have a better way or know a functionnality of Robohelp that i didn't found, please let me know.


      Thank you very much

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          The only thing I can think of straightaway depends on being able to group the amendments. Are you able to say that this bunch of amendments will all be released on Date 1 and another bunch will be released on Date 2? It doesn't matter if you don't know the date, just that there will be two or more dates.


          You would then apply Tag 1, Tag 2 etc to the changes. Prior to you being told to release them into the wild, exclude any content with those tags. Then when you are told the Tag 1 stuff can be released, you simply delete that tag. RoboHelp does the work of removing it from the content, you don't have to go through topic by topic.


          Whilst that is not what you really want, I hope the idea at least makes it simpler to manager.


          See www.grainge.org for free RoboHelp and Authoring information.




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            charlesgagne Level 1

            Thank you Peter for the quick reponse


            The problem that i see with this way is the management of all the tags if we have 100+ moment to apply changes in the future.


            But still i'll explore the possibility of a taf that is removed.


            Have a nice day