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    Looking for a Mirror-Plugin

    aeiou112358 Level 1

      Hi there! For a project that I'm doing I want to take normal photographs and "mirror" them.


      What I'm doing is very easy: the left half of the image will be the "normal" side, the right side of the same image will be it's "mirrored" side.


      For sure I know how to do this in Photoshop manually (duplicate layer, transform, etc...). My problem is, that I would like to be able to move, scale and rotate the original image layer (left side) along the mirror-axis (middle), and see the result on the mirrored side (right side) in real time if possible, so that I can find exactly the right mirror axis easily.


      Is there any way I could work with some script or some trick with a smart object that would enable me to do so? Or maybe someone knows a plugin or app that would help me to do so? It would take a lot of blind guessing out of my work if I could just move one original layer and see the mirrored layer being updated in real time...


      I've found some app called KaleidoFx, it's for making Kaleidoscopes (obviously), but it's not what I'm looking for.


      Any idea would be greatly welcome!!!


      Thanks, S