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    Text box annotations were turned into colored fill-ins and borders

    ilyas25 Level 1

      I opened a copy of a PDF previuosly worked with in  Apple's Preview in Adobe Reader for Mac 11.0.23 (uploading to Acrobat.com and working from there). I had turned bare attention to the shape all of my annotations took since there were quite a few of them (over 1500) and thus couldn't let a thought of some annotations being mistreated by the Adobe Reader. Yet this did happen, namely, all text boxes I created in Apple's Preview somehow was changed into boxes with filled in background and the border of the same color as the text typed in each text box, additionaly the border's thickness was inflated from 0 to significant number of pt units. The text got obstructed.

      I opened Preferences both in Adobe Reader for Mac and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC v. 2018.009.20050 on a Win 7 machine at my work and couldn't identify any option to toggle to change such handling. The screenshot is below. Is there smth I don't know how to make Reader to treat all my annotations properly?