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    Photoshop "program error" with New iMac and High Sierra

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      I just got a brand new iMac and installed the CC apps I use. I tried to open a Photoshop File that I've opened a million times and I got a "could not complete your request because of a program error." Now all kinds of stuff triggers this same error. I'm able to create a new file, but as soon as I try to create text I get the error. Simply going to "preferences" triggered it once then didn't after that. This is a brand new mac with a clean install of High Sierra 10.13.2 and I'm lost as to why I'm having so many problems with PS. Haven't tried any of the other applications so for now I'm assuming it's just PS. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling PS, and also found someone suggesting you change the type engine from Arabic to Middle Eastern and that did nothing. Please Help!


      Edit: Also just tried downgrading to last version of CC 2018 and got the same result, trying 2017 now. Although my last iMac had same OS and same version of PS installed and I had no issues.

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          Ok I got tech support to help, so if anyone runs into this problem here is how it was fixed:

          Go to MacintoshHD/Library/Application Support/Adobe, with the Adobe folder selected right click and select "get info" (or hit cmd+i) and change the permissions on everything to "read&write." Also click the lock icon and type in your password, then hit the "+" on the left. A window will pop up with "Administrators" in a box with your username underneath. Select your username and hit ok, and change permissions for that to read and write.

          Then while in finder click "Go" on the bar at the top left of your desktop, hold option and you'll see "library" appear and select that. This is your user library, you'll need to repeat the process outlined above one more time, user/library/application support/adobe.


          Hope this helps someone one day.

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