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    Strange Mic Problems as a Result of Stickam Flash App

      So I was on Stickam the other day (Stickam is a free video conferencing/chat site) and all of a sudden something happened which causes my sound coming in from my mic to become seriously distorted (stretched out, slowed down, like I was Darth Vader.)

      I was like "huh" ... checked everything ... everything appeared to be alright. Went to YouTube and used their "quick capture" feature which uses a Flash interface just like Stickam to pipe streaming audio/video through the 'nets and so forth -- same thing happened.

      I checked in iMovie and all captures were fine so it's definitely a flash thing but I have no idea (the new version of iMovie without the effects sucks ... reminds me of the new Orion Project by NASA going back to a capsule in lieu of a REALLY cool updated shuttle design ..)

      Anyway ... I'm going to cross post this to the Adobe Macromedia forums because they might know what's up too.

      Thanks for your help.