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    How to "Export Book to PDF" with "bleed"

    csdojo Level 1

      Product: "Lightroom Class CC 7.1" on "macOS High Sierra"

      Relevant Book Module Settings: "Book" set to "PDF"

                                     "Size" set to "Standard Portrait 8x10in (20x25cm)"

      Function: Export Book to PDF


      I'm trying to use the Book Module to create a PDF for an 8"x10" book (the "trim" size). The printer (Amazon's CreateSpace) requires a 0.125" bleed on the top, bottom and outside-edge (no bleed in the gutter) so the page size must be 8.125"x10.25". However, I can only find the five fixed Size settings (see screen shot below) and the "Standard Portrait 8x10in" size is close but too small. Lightroom "knows" about bleed because if you set "Book" to Blurb, there is a "bleed" guideline. I can't find any useful info on the Adobe or CreateSpace documentation, forums, YouTube videos, etc. I certainly can't be the first/only one to print a photo book using Lightroom and CreateSpace so someone out there must know how to do this. Any help or pointers would be most appreciated.


      Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 6.18.45 PM.png