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    Bug? Muse gets stuck scrolling by itself

    victor sebastiah97334549

      I have this problem with both my macs - laptop at home, and iMac at work. When I'm working on muse, regardless of the size and properties of the page, whether it's responsive or fixed, has breakpoints, etc, Muse just starts scrolling by itself and won't stop, then crashes. It'll just go on past thousands of pixels to the direction where I've last moved my cursor, must most often either up or right, because I've tried to open a menu/access the library/etc. It happens regardless of whether I use a MagicMouse, a off-brand USB mouse, Wacom tablet, or just the laptop trackpad.


      I've read somewhere that others had the issue, but the usual uninstall-reinstall didn't fix it. On top of that it doesn't seem to have a direct connection to the library or widgets - I thought it might be some widget in my library, but I have all different ones at home and at work, plus it happens when I use only in-build widgets, only downloaded widgets, both, or none at all (e.g. just native plain text, native shapes, etc.)


      It's driving me nuts, because the program obviously goes unresponsive, doesn't let me save, and then I'll have to force quit the program assuming it even lets me access the apple menu/other applications. (And yes - I've tried running Muse with no other programs running on the background to no avail.) Anyone got a fix for this, or a suggestion?


      I've got a video if my description of the bug is hard to understand, but can't upload it right at the moment.

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Its very easy to understand .

          I had this quite seldom and put my hands off, relaxed, waited for some seconds and the issue since then did not come back.

          I have no solution for you.

          You could try to deinstall and reinstall CC as well (you tried already deinstall muse and reinstall), deinstalling the preferences as well, when you get asked.

          Maybe there's a hiccup?

          This is just a suggestion.

          What OS are you working with? With the latest muse version I guess?


          As a last chance you could try to use the prerelease/private beta of muse and see if this issue still occurs.


          Best Regards,


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            Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

            The same happened here about two times last year.

            My solution was the same as Uwe’s: Lean back, wait some seconds, until Muse has „recovered“ and work on.

            I assume, it is quite heavy to find out, what causes this behaviour, because it is very seldom and there is actually no way to reproduce it.

            Perhaps your video helps the team to narrow down the glitch.

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