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    change negative numbers to parentheses in an acrobat form

    vigneshs53970460 Level 1



      I'm having one text field (Text1)  and one number field (NumberField) in an acrobat form and I need to pull the data from number field to the text field.


      Sometimes the NumberField value is in negative numbers. So, I need to change the negative numbers to parentheses ().


      var num = this.getField("NumberField").value;

      var str = num.toString();

      var strlen = str.lenght;

      var value1 = util.printf("%, 0 0.2f", num);

      if (num == "") {

      event.value = "This part contains: "

      } else {

      even.value = "This part contains: + value1;



      Above is the script to get the value from number field and formatting decimal as well.


      Please help me to change the negative number to parentheses.