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    Preloading External swf's in sequence

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      Hi all,
      I'm getting a site together that uses a lot of 3d animation and therefore the file sizes are rather large. I've split the scenes into different swf's to be loaded in externally to keep the overall site size down.
      I've done a few tutorials and downloaded some stuff from various sites and come up with a decent preloader - my problem is that the swfs automatically play once they have loaded instead of waiting for the last swf to finish playing before playing itself.
      Is there any code I could add to the exisiting code that will wait for the last frame of the scene (swf) before playing the next one in sequence?
      I'm bit of a newbbie at AS so please go gentle, the code I've got together confused me no end!
      Any help would be greatly appreciated..
      Cheers in advance.

      Here's the code that I've used: