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    Using ADL when Application.xml and Content.swf are not in the BIN directory

      Hello, I am trying to use the air debug launcher (ADL) to launch a simple air app. My issue is I am trying to have ADL launch this app from outside of the bin directory of the SDK. Whenever I try to pass adl the full path to the Applicaiton.xml file it says "application descriptor not found" Does anyone know how to get around this? How can I run an AIR app that is outside of the bin?

      My situation C:\AIR has the Applicaiton.xml and Content.swf files, then a directory way below C:\Program Files\....\..... has the bin directory. I can run adl using its full path C:\Program Files\....\bin\adl, but when I pass it the full path for Application.xml it fails.

      By the way when I put everything in the bin, or below the bin it works just fine.