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    Acrobat Pro dc crashes while scanning on windows 10 pro v1709


      Hi Good morning,


      We got the following scenario and software:


      * all devices running windows 10 pro v1709

      * 10 users with Fujitsu Fi-7160 sccaners attached via USB, all devices with latest software & drivers from Fujitsu (PaperStream IP 32 bits TWAIN drivers as recommended by manufacturer)

      * 10 users with Adobe subscription Acrobat Pro DC runniing version 18.9.20050.254034

      * Nvidia driver latest version for Quadro k1200 in dual monitor config

      * AV disabled on device


      Hardware has been tested by manufacturer support and is ok. Seems pretty strange that 10 scanners fail all at the same time


      And we get two kind of errors while scanning (appcrash)


      * First error --> the most common error involves plugin scan.api as faulty module, crashes Acrobat Pro DC not windows OS,


      * Second error--> random error for user32.dll and acrobat32.exe stopped working


      I'll post  .DMP files as well as screenshots in 2 hours.


      Right now I only got .WER files, that I'll upload


      that is .wer report --> Shared Files - Acrobat.com