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    Lightroom - open as smart object LAYERS in Photoshop


      Hello all,


      is there a possibility, to open multiple layers from Lightroom as layered smart objects in Photoshop?

      Actually, you can choose one image from Lightroom, right klick, and open as a smart object. Or you can choose more files in Lightroom, right klick, and open them as layers in Photoshop, but not as a smart object. Its also not possible, to open each single file as a smart object, and stack them all, this converts every file to a pixel based layer and not a smart object anymore.


      If you work with Adobe Bridge, this works fine, but not with Lightroom.

      I would need this for my manual blendings for dynamic range, often I has to change something, and want to have a non distructive workflow with the RAW files.


      Regards from Austria