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    Omitting Keywords in Adobe Stock with Minus Sign Not Working

    Rectangles Level 1

      I'm trying to find images of male-only groups of business people on Adobe Stock.


      In the past I've used the minus sign to omit keywords, so after searching "man business group," I searched: "man business group -woman." My image count went down, but I noticed that I was still getting all kinds of mixed gender groups. So I then searched "man business group -woman -female" and again my image count went down even further but it returned even more females in the mix.


      In other words, at least in my case, Adobe Stock search seems to be ignoring the minus sign and just adding the additional words as desired keywords.


      To do one more test I searched "man business group -coffee" and, sure enough, my screen was flooded with business groups meeting over coffee or sitting around coffee shops.


      Any thoughts anyone?