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    Save space! Migrating 1TB Classic to Lightroom CC


      I am currently preparing my Classic catalog for migration to the cloud based Lightroom CC (2017). My library contains over 100.000 photos, half of them are standard DNG files. The files are all stored on a NAS server in one folder, which is about 970 GB. If I were to migrate my entire catalog, I would quickly run out of space with the standard subscription of 1TB...


      I decided to re-encode all my current DNG files with lossy compression. According to my calculation this will save me about 300GB. This will allow me to continue using the 1TB subscription for quite some time.


      Compressed DNG files are very similar to the original RAW files. Most users will never notice any difference (search Google for analysis). Professional users might want to skip on compressing their work, or can choose to compress only 3-star or less photos but leave the best shots unchanged.


      Steps to compress your current DNG or RAW files in Lightroom Classic:

      1- Create a smart playlist searching for DNG or RAW files without compression (+ and/or a second rule based on star rating)

      2- Select the photos in the smart collection

      3- Choose Library -> Convert Photos to DNG

      4- Be sure to discard any previews or smart load data (Lightroom CC doesn't use these, I presume) and enable lossy compression

      5- Let it roll!


      Later on, after the Lightroom Classic to CC migration is complete you'll want to convert any new photos that you want to import BEFORE adding them to Lightroom CC. Lightroom CC currently does not allow conversion of RAW files during import. For this purpose, you can use the separate stand-alone Adobe RAW Convertor.


      This way the standard 1TB tier will go a long way for a lot of people. Just wanted to share the results of my research and nightly sorrows :-)