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    Swap set layer not hiding when triggered

    mre8 Level 1

      I have two eyebrow groups, each with a normal, worried, and angry state. I set the up the way it is shown in the Chloe example puppet.


      My triggers for angry and worried were working fine until now. But now, when I trigger the worried or angry state for the eyebrows, the default layer ("normal) remains showing show I get a double set of eyebrows. I can't think of anything I've changed that would cause this.


      I tried reconnecting to the AI file, re-saving, deleting all puppet triggers and rebuilding, reordering the layers in AI. No luck.


      I've included a pic of the puppet rigging and the problem.



      Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.22.33 AM.png


      Triggering Worried eyebrows (normal brows pink to show difference)... Normal state eyebrows should be hidden!


      Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.33.08 AM.png

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          TDFAP Level 2

          Hello mre8,


               Your screen shot doesn't show all of the panels/rigging info needed to make this determination, but I would advise that you check the Swap Set again. Sometimes when you change or re-order your artwork, it will remove layers that are assigned to swap sets even if it retains the swap-set and trigger info for that layer. So for example if you moved the angry or worried eyebrows in or out of a group in your original artwork (or even just changed/edited them within the same group) then updated that artwork in CH, the layer could have been removed from the swap set. It still knows that pressing "a" should reveal additional artwork, just forgot that it was part of a set, and to hide the other variants.


          To fix this, click on each of the eyebrow variants in the swap set you created and verify that the layers are present below, this is the part that your screenshot doesn't show...




          If everything is still good there, check back in and we'll continue to diagnose.


          Good Luck and happy animating!

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            mre8 Level 1

            Yes, I didn't show the layers selected in the swap set triggers...would be helpful. However, I thought of that and checked that possible problem because I've ran into it many times. Layers were not the problem. Plus, I had deleted all of the swap sets and rebuilt them still with no luck.


            My solution was to create a new project to "wipe the slate clean". I reimported the same puppet, recreated the swap sets and everything was back to working as expected. So, who knows? I did a lot of editing of the AI file and the rigging over the course of a few days and the behind the scenes mapping may have just got tangled up. A fresh start did the trick. I know sometimes this is what complex software needs.


            Hopefully if this happens again, I'll know how I created the problem! Just glad I can move forward...my first project and I can't wait to see this baby walk and talk!


            Thanks for the help...


            ...not sure if I should mark this answered.