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    Reduce color temp a specific amount across all images

    David Lake Photos

      Hey Guys,


      I have recently switched to shooting my real estate work to the Nikon D750.  I love everything about it (especially the ridiculously clean ISO), but it really gives a heavy yellow/orange tint to interiors.  I realize this often caused by the interior lighting of homes not being white in the first place.  It is a major slow-down to my workload to custom WB (eye-dropper) every single image.  I often find that a flat 500-600 drop in Temp (towards blue) makes the images just right.  Since I shoot auto WB and RAW it is not a big issue, just a time waste.  Typically every room has different lighting and paint, so I cannot set a flat color temp for the gallery and start working.


      Is there any way in LR to "subtract" a specific amount of temp from every image.  I have tinkered and tried everything I can, but no luck.  Syncing does not work, because it simply matches exactly the WB settings, not the changes from default.  Thanks for reading, any ideas greatly appreciated.