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    State button/composition resizing between breakpoints after copy/paste and content change

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      I have created a series of compositions to house a bulleted text box and video lightbox (pictured below under "TOOLKIT"). Now I am attempting to add text content to those compositions.  On the breakpoint I'm adding content the state button and composition stay in the correct location. Once I go to review the other breakpoints the trigger and text content are placed seemingly at random across the page. Necessitating that I reposition all items in the upper lefthand corner of the composition box and manually resize the incredibly elongated composition that stretches nearly the full page height. This also occurs if I make the composition only visible in the one correctly proportioned breakpoint and manually copy and paste it on to other breakpoints.


      What is causing this strange misalignment?


      How do I prevent this from happening when adding content to compositions across breakpoints?

      Thanks for your help!