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    If any checkboxes in a group are selected, show/hide a text field

    zyrusc13762308 Level 1

      Hello, everyone;

      I'm looking for help with a PDF form that I'm currently working on. I'm using Adobe Acrobat DC to build it. There's a section that has 18 checkboxes and my client would like for it to be a "choose all that apply" scenario (so multiple checkboxes can by selected). The idea is, when any of the checkboxes are selected, a text field labeled "Specify" will then be visible so the user can fill in specific details; otherwise, if none are selected, the text field will be hidden.


      I've created if/else conditional scenarios that have individual checkboxes or even multiple checkboxes where the user can only select one but I haven't done it where it's a "select all that apply" scenario. I hope this makes some sense. I was looking into "for" loops for a minute but I wasn't able to follow it that much. I've seen the JavaScript necessary to accomplish this in HTML and tried to incorporate it but as I'm not that great of a JavaScript coder, trying to respect the differences between standard JavaScript and AcroForm JavaScript (from my limited experience - only a year and a half) has me confused.


      Can anyone help me with an example that produces this result?


      I really appreciate it.