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    Using a annot file attachment to create a acrobat XI form button icon

    niteflite Level 1

      I am trying to create a way to link easily link attachments and be able to view them after they are added via button icon in a PDF form using buttons. I started w/  what believe is George_Johnson file import script which allows me to upload the images, if the user clicks the button however I have not been able to figure out how to use the selected attachment which will always be a image (most likely a jpeg) to also create (and set) the button's icon as the image. I tried to use annot.path to set event.target.buttonImportIcon however i always received a NotAllowedError.

      The form is to be used by our internal inspectors to note issues during a project, so the idea is that they can keep adding additional entries to the form via spawn button that duplicates an issues page template, each issue page has a upload button and that button becomes a thumbnail of the the picture they upload for that issue entry  so it is clear which attached images belong to which entries since the final document may have 20+ issue pages.


      All of the users will be using Acrobat XI Pro.