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    Photoshop CC freezes on "Reading Preferences"

    shopgraphicsstudio Level 1

      For some time now, I have encountered Photoshop CC taking forever to open up when it comes to the point where it is "reading preferences" on the splash screen. It either eventually opens after some minutes or just freezes. I have tried deleting the preference files by holding down ALT+CNTRL+SHFT but that doesn't seem to help much.


      If it is any help, here are the specs for my laptop I'm using


      Lenovo Z70

      • Intel Core i5 -5200 CPU @2.20GHz
      • RAM: 8.00GB
      • Windows 10 Operating System


      Anyone have suggestions or helpful fixes that might heel this problem? I do a lot of graphic design work and running into this issue day by day is becoming extremely frustrating.


      Thank you

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          SteveWeinrebe Adobe Community Professional

          If you want to completely reset Photoshop's preferences then delete the Settings file. Go User>AppData > Roaming > Adobe. (You'll need to view hidden folders in order to see AppData.)


          In there is the Photoshop Settings folder. If you want to preserve your Settings folder, in case this doesn't solve your problem and you want to go back to it, then zip compress it. Otherwise delete it. When you start Photoshop again a new Settings folder is created.


          If you want to go back to your old Settings, just delete the newly created Settings folder and un-compress the original Settings folder.