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    Problem in preview files - original raw Nikon d850


      Hello everybody,


      I found a problem importing some raw files from a Nikon D850 and I can't solve by myself.

      What I did:

      import in LR cc a shooting session, raw files. Files copied from external memory to disk, no errors.

      After importing ask to generate 1:1 previews for all files

      When i reopen folder to select images, I found few previews (only four on 800 files) like this:

      (sorry for the R-rated image, it was a nude photoshooting)

      Screenshot 2018-01-23 21.58.05.jpg

      The image seems truncated...


      1) ARGHHH my new dslr Camera!

      No, I tested it: the file is ok if opened with nikon software capture NX and it's ok.


      2) So, my memory card has a problem!

      No, I tried to open the same files copied inside lightroom, not a new copy from the external memory


      So, there should something wrong with Lightroom...


      1) Ahhh ok, it's only a preview problem, just rebuild it

      NO! First of all exporting the image in jpg file have the same issue, so it's not only the preview


      2) Well, there was a problem while importing the file...

      Yes, I think so. Because if I reimport the same file (exactly the same, not a new one from the external memory) I found everything goes well.


      Now, apart from asking lightroom team to investigate on this strange "bug" (?), my real problem is, how to adjust this folder with correct files? If I try to reimport in the same folder LR tell me that this is already imported. If I try to delete it the answer is the same.

      The only way seems to import the files in another position... that is really uncomfortable for developing and future research.


      As the problem is not in the previews, it seems completely useless to delete preview.lrdata files ecc... Is there a secret way to remove and substitute the single files in the LR db to let them work correctly?


      Many thanks