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    How to cancel an accidental one year paid subscription?


      Hello, I'm aware that the forum is not the best place to start this discussion, but the chat is not active at the moment and the international phone call isn't an option for me at the moment.


      I signed up for a free monthly membership in December and thought I managed to cancel it before the month was over, only to find out in January that this wasn't the case and got charged for another month.


      I used up the licensed images available and then tried and suspend the membership, only to find out (again!) that the subscription is still going and that there is a fine to pay to cancel it by myself.


      During this experience I thought that the user interface for the management of my account had some bug, because certain buttons kept disappearing and reappearing and, ok, English is not my native language but I never had such an issue with a membership before! Especially since this is Adobe we are talking about, and not some unknown company.


      Please help me cancel this subscription as I do not wish to pay for it any longer.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Massimo,


          I apologize for the experience that you've been through for cancelling the Stock subscription which never happened as explained by you.

          Also, I understand that you are unable to reach the support for reporting the same.


          I have checked your account and see that the Stock subscription is still active in your account and shows some billing issue with the payment.


          Please see the private message I sent to you and revert which the details so that I can help you with the cancellation request.




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