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    Jan 2018 update - UI scaling

    mattstix Level 1

      Can anyone help with the following? I've just updated Photoshop CC to the latest release and the UI in Ps has become significantly smaller. I don't want to change the Windows 10 display settings (currently scaled to 150% - the recommended size for my 4k screen).


      Changing the Edit>Preferences>Interface>UI Scaling to 200% doesn't do anything even when I restart Photoshop.


      Is there a way I can get back the scaling I was happily using until yesterday without changing my PC's general display settings?


      I'm squinting to see what I am doing in Ps!



      Thanks in advance

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          KristiVZ Level 1

          I'm having a similar problem only the opposite.

          I also have a 4K screen on my laptop and recommended scaling is 250%.

          Previously PS UI scaling has been quite small (i'm not to sure what it was set at) but I was happy with it. Now after the update everything is so big it barely fits nice on my screen. I have tried playing with UI scaling, changing between auto, 100% and 200% also tried changing the UI font size on all the different scaling options but nothing changes.

          I really hope they fix this soon.

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            efecanh62791174 Level 1

            Having the EXACT problem with my XPS 9560. SO much screen asset goes to waste. This is a mobile professional's nightmare.

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              mattstix Level 1

              If the scaling 200% option in the Preferences menu worked, it would be perfect and back to normal - does anyone know why those options don't actually do anything?!?

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                KristiVZ Level 1

                Right so now I've managed to get PS looking like it did before but I have had to change my monitors scaling, I now have that set to 175% and PS looks exactly like it did before.

                Problem now is everything else on PC is now smaller... at least it's a workaround for now...

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                  mattstix Level 1

                  For sure that works... but unfortunately everything else on the PC now looks comedically large, like my desktop took one of Mario's mushrooms.


                  Just going to leave this here and see if anyone comes up with a fix!

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                    Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Right now, I don't believe there is a way to control just the scaling in PS. Hopefully some adjustment will be added to PS to allow for some compensation.

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                      adityaeclipse Level 1

                      My Problem is quite the opposite. After the update, my scaling has incresed significantly. My laptop is only 1080p and after the update, its scaled everything to windows setting. which is 125%. I cannot change windows settings because it makes the whole windows interface smaller.
                      Temporary fix is creating a manifest file and add registery option. Photoshop scale settings dont work. Compatiblity settings dont work.


                      Adobe, please fix.

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                        Cadam Level 1

                        Same here, can't activate the 200% option anymore  and 100% is pretty small. Got the preferences settings on 'auto' and get the 100% scaling where it used to be 200%. Both are not ideal, 150% would be perfect.

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                          lize57753586 Level 1

                          And.. same here as well. I can't see crap! I need 150%!

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                            cameronc36682155 Level 1

                            Yep.... same here! Come on Adobe, we need a fix asap!! This is slowing down business.  

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                              Stratio EU Level 1

                              Adobe just released a new updated version of Photoshop CC (end of January 2018) - and the app's  UI scaling  just DOES NOT WORK. Period.


                              I use PS CC on Windows 10 with custom screen resolution. The app simply renders HUGE UI tabs and menu characters - and REFUSES to switch to the smaller-UI-element layout that was there before, just minutes ago (before I updated Photoshop CC) running without a slightest problem...


                              This is the case EVEN DESPITE I CHANGED UI SCALING SEVERAL TIMES - TO 100% WHERE IT SHOULD BE !!

                              UI scaling feature in the Interface Menu simply has NO EFFECT, whatever value you set it on....\


                              Adobe, this truly is NON-PROFESSIONAL.


                              I depend on this software, I teach graphic design - and I am in the middle of creating a new course on GD with the 100% scaled layout in all of my videos. I cannot work with this UI scaling, it is not possible to explain things that I already started explaining using the smaller 100% scaled UI interface!


                              Now, you LITERALLY MADE ME STOP my daily work (halt what I do for a living) FOR A NON-SPECIFIED TIME PERIOD - just because you most likely forgot to test and adjust the UI scaling feature in your newest update - which contains other new functions, btw., that I DO NOT NEED AT ALL - while simply killing the one core feature I REALLY NEED FOR MY WORK !!!!!!!!


                              Please issue a new update with the UI scaling functionality working ASAP ...


                              N.B. Can't believe I am paying for a program that has such lousy programmed UI scaling error (bug). Photoshop used to be so much better and more reliable when it was sold as a stand alone, non subscription-based, software.


                              Really, really disappointed. So many people depend on this app to work flawlessly, and UI scaling is one of its core features :-(

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                                rayek.elfin Level 4

                                Why didn't you keep the old version installed, and continued to record your videos with that version? And you can install the previous version alongside the newest release.


                                No reason to be stopped in your tracks.


                                And, yes, I do agree that it is bordering on the ridiculousness that GUI scaling is still an issue in Photoshop. If the developers are able to scale the GUI according to Windows' UI scaling, they should also be able to add a slider in the view preferences that enables users to seamlessly scale the overall GUI up and down.


                                For inspiration, look at Blender and Paintstorm - both provide seamless GUI scaling, and allow the user to take control. It's a bad idea to leave this up to whatever Windows settings are used.

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                                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  As I've tried to point out countless times here (but no one seems to get it):


                                  Photoshop cannot allow the whole application to scale. One image pixel still has to map to one screen pixel at 100%!


                                  None of the other applications people like to compare Photoshop to, need to worry about that. They can just scale up everything, done - and that is precisely what they do. Blender is a 3D app that works with geometric shapes and vector data. Yes! it does raster images too, but it can do that the same way as Illustrator does - with total disregard for pixel mapping on screen. Illustrator doesn't even have a concept of 1:1, to Illustrator 100% is just "print size".


                                  Photoshop is a special case. A lot of people don't see beyond their own limited use of the application, but to a large group of users this one to one pixel representation is crucial. Without it, the application becomes unreliable and next to useless to them. You don't have to look further than a photographer at a reasonably professional level.


                                  Do you seriously believe that they haven't made an effort to get this to work? When it has been the single most requested feature - from very vocal paying customers - for the last two years?

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                                    mattstix Level 1

                                    OK but doesn't explain why the options in the Preferences menu don't do anything...

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                                      rayek.elfin Level 4

                                      True, I probably don't get it. I separate the canvas pixel representation from the GUI scaling. One isn't necessarily connected with the second: most users here complain about the GUI scaling - which can be easily solved by providing a seamless (or step-wise) GUI scale option like Blender provides. It would allow each user to decide individually what relative size the GUI should be displayed at: irregardless of screen size, pixel density, and allow users with eyesight impairments to scale it to a size they feel comfortable with.


                                      Now, as far as what to do with the canvas pixel presentation on retina/non-retina, x3, x4 screens? Various solutions. I'd argue for a simple to access view setting that is independent from the overall GUI scaling. One that can be controlled for each image view window. Which means the user could (pre)view his/her work at x1, x2, x3, x4, and xCustom_settings/presets side by side. When 100% view is selected, that screen factor would be taken into consideration.


                                      In the view you'd have 100%@x2, or 33.33%@x3 displayed in the title bar. Similar to the pixel aspect ratio option. The screen ruler would accommodate this view setting.


                                      A quite heated discussion between Photoshop users occurred a while ago about how the viewport ought to represent pixels on a retina screen - many wanted an exact 1-1 view, others preferred a retina x2 4px->1 view. But it really depends on the type of job we happen to be working on, and our individual preferences.


                                      I say: since we can control the view's aspect ratio display factor (thus affecting how PS renders the width of single pixel, why not allow us to control the pixel density size display factor as well? Why allow Photoshop to decide that for us in the first place? (An automatic setting for one or both could be added to the preferences as well, of course.)


                                      And separate GUI scaling from the canvas's pixel rendering. Everyone happy.

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                                        branagh Level 1

                                        I also have a full HD Laptop Display with an enormous Photoshop UI which has at least doubled in size after the update. My Win10 scaling is at 125% and I don't want to reduce it further. After having added the third layer in a photo edit I now already have to scroll on the right hand side because there is so little space.


                                        Is there any fix yet or an option for reverting to the old UI size?


                                        Thanks for your help.

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                                          Drybouilli Level 1

                                          My god, I work on a 13 inch screen with 2K resolution and was absolutely dumbfouded when this just happened to me too. The side panels won't fit and there is no way to circumvent that issue.


                                          That update just f***** my workflow so hard, plus images now open at 5%  with no way of adjusting that setting. It's straight up ununsable, but I have to admit it's the first time I've ever encountered a work breaking problem with Adobe.


                                          Those scaling troubles are kind of a joke for an industry leading software, right now i had to stop using PS since it has become such a pain.

                                          • 18. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                            davescm Adobe Community Professional

                                            Drybouilli  wrote


                                            ..........  with no way of adjusting that setting.




                                            Yes there is . For those with Windows 10 fall creators update you adjust the scaling in Windows. Go to Windows > Settings >System > Display >Scale and Layout and set the interface there.   Photoshop now follows that setting.

                                            The preferences are only for those with older Windows versions or with Macs. Unfortunately the labelling does not make that clear.



                                            • 19. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                              Drybouilli Level 1

                                              I knew about that, but as I said - i have a 13in screen, and can't afford to tweak my whole system scaling for the sake of photoshop. Had I done that, Capture One would have become the next problem, with an ungodly large interface too.


                                              Just hoping the devs will be reactive, I have no other complaint regarding PS and developed quiet hard coded habits with it like a lot of people here!


                                              Edit: just tried that, it doesn't fix the fact that images opened are ridiculously small by default, plus everything else (browser, explorer...) is way to small to be usable sadly.

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                                                gwood Level 1

                                                I'm having this problem as well on a Win 7 machine that Photoshop worked well on prior to the latest update.  JJMack (apparently an old pro on these forums) has posted fixes which work for some people and not others.  Unfortunately, I'm one of the latter.  I rolled back Photoshop to 19.0.1 (the "just-previous" release) from the current 19.1.0 release, and my UI scaling problems have gone away.


                                                Looks like I'll be giving updates a hard pass until Adobe fully-resolves this issue.  This may take them some time -- aspects of this problem have been showing up for almost a year now, depending on user and machine OS/config.  Mebbe 2019?

                                                • 21. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                  mattstix Level 1

                                                  Granted this works, it makes everything else on the PC unusable though as it ruins the scaling of every other application.......

                                                  • 22. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                                                    Hi all,


                                                    Sorry for the confusion around the UI scaling in Photoshop and how it works in conjunction with Windows Display scaling with its current implementation.


                                                    If you haven't yet, please do read through the information in our What's New documentation (including the Note) to find out more about how it works with Windows, and what the previous 100%/200% options affect: New features summary | January 2018 and October 2017 releases of Photoshop CC


                                                    If you continue to have questions, please click the "I have the same question", at the top of the thread, and feel free to post your question/confusions here.



                                                    • 23. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                      mattstix Level 1

                                                      Thanks Pete but I think most of us are aware on this thread how to get the Photoshop scaling back to what it used to be (or at least close...).


                                                      However, doing so through the Windows Display scaling totally screws up every single other application on the PC! If I get Ps back to how it was before the update, then my desktop ends up with giant, infantile icons and my web browser looks like it's on steroids etc etc

                                                      • 24. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                        grahamnelson Level 1

                                                        The drop down menus are so small I would need a magnifying glass to view them on my main monitor (2560x1600)  .  One panel on my second monitor (1920x1200) is 3 times the size of others. Windows 7 operating system. Everything fine before update.

                                                        • 25. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                          gwood Level 1

                                                          All I can say is "Do what I did" -- I rolled back to the previous release of Photoshop CC just before the latest update.  Everything's back to normal, but from the various replies I've seen to this problem in this and other threads, including Adobe's contributions, it looks like the next time I'll be able to successfully update my Photoshop CC 2018 will be when I end up getting a Win10 machine, and that's probably not until after official security update support for Win7 ends (January 14, 2020), or if my stupidly-high-end Win7 machine borks prior to that.  So my subscription's gonna be paying for several years of updates/upgrades/fixes that I can't, in fact, actually use.  :-/

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                                                            mattstix Level 1

                                                            feel your pain, but unfortunately windows 10 doesn’t help either!! The official line is to change the scaling of the entire PC, just to satisfy Photoshop, sadly this screws anything else you want to use your pc for...

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                                                            • 27. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                              grahamnelson Level 1

                                                              Thanks so much for your response, it is really appreciated.

                                                              • 28. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                eduaurrai Level 1

                                                                I had to roll back to the previous version.

                                                                • 29. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                  huzaifaarifrana Level 1

                                                                  That's pretty obvious! Not the required solution though.

                                                                  • 30. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                    RickyD55 Level 1

                                                                    I'm sorry Adobe but this is an absolute disgrace!!!! When are you going to get this sorted!!!


                                                                    Its now more broken than ever. Doesn't seem to matter what setting I have in Windows I can't get Photoshop to scale its UI. At least at 200% I had some semblance of high DPI support.


                                                                    Why we can't just have a slider that lets one choose the scale factor you want or even if it worked like Illustrator and InDesign that would be ok.


                                                                    Get your finger out Adobe this just isn't good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                    • 31. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                      pakaworld Level 1

                                                                      Sorry to tell you that it is so silly for Adobe to do such a thing. Do you know how my text on my laptop looks like after the scaling down to 100% from 125% recommended? Am not able to ready anything without getting closer to the screen. The resolution is 1920x1080. The best way to solve this problem is to allow use to be able to re-scale it in the Preference-General-interface page period.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                        agatar40102869 Level 1

                                                                        How can you mess up this badly? Completely not taking into consideration the fact that...I dunno, people have different screen resolutions?


                                                                        Everything on my mobile studio pro is tiny now just so Photoshop can be usable.


                                                                        It's ridiculous that it's been a month now and this hasn't been fixed.

                                                                        • 33. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                          Frank L Hawkins Level 1

                                                                          I found that the 32bit version of Photoshop CC 2018 UI scaling works fine set on Auto for my 4k display.

                                                                          However the 64bit version Photoshop CC 2018 UI scaliing does nothing at any setting and icons are impossibly tiny.

                                                                          I'm running Win 10 64

                                                                          Shameful lack of reponse by Adobe

                                                                          • 34. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                            efecanh62791174 Level 1

                                                                            Hey Pete,
                                                                            Do people work on this in Adobe? Is there anyone there trying to solve the problem? Any estimation when we'll be able to use the app properly?

                                                                            • 35. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                              harisg44090322 Level 1

                                                                              same here...latest PS ver UI is WAY BIG and will not fit on 15in laptop with 4k screen ,running the commented 250 per cent scaling.

                                                                              Had no issues till I installed latest version...

                                                                              Lr on the other hand no issues, was scaling and still scales well...

                                                                              • 36. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                                ejtentrepreneur Level 1

                                                                                I am returning a brand new HP 27er high performance monitor (sigh) and reverting back to a 10 year old 22" monitor so that I can use Adobe CC.  Not a big fan of online services, but was a big fan of adobe.  Now, Meh... seems like 1998 all over again.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                                  mohammad niknam Level 1

                                                                                  yes ,we all have this problem,

                                                                                  Adobe, please fix.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                                    Patagraham Level 1

                                                                                    Fix please, This is still a nightmare.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Jan 2018 update - UI scaling
                                                                                      EveryNameIsRejected Level 1

                                                                                      Don't hold your breath. Adobe already has your money, they don't give a crap if you can't use the software because the UI is microscopic

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