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    White Matte Appears After Saving, Resizing Issues



      I've been trying over and over to save this one document, but this white matte appears around the image:

      Camellia Forest Ad.jpg


      I don't know if y'all can see it if the background of the web page is white, but it is there (if you highlight the image you can see). It's really annoying because it changes the size of the actual image also, which has to be 2.25 by 6 inches for printing. I've tried saving in multiple formats (PDF, JPG, EPS) and this matte around the image shows up every time. It also changes the dimensions of the image so it looks squished.


      How can I make it so it just saves my image without adding this thing around it? This has never happened to me before.


      Also, I can't seem to change the image size to 2.25 by 6 inches. That's the dimensions that I made the document when I started working on it, and I never changed it intentionally, but something must have happened because when I opened the image size to change the DPI it was 2.8 by 6.something inches. I tried to change it back but each time I checked, it changed again.  Everytime I try to change the dimensions back, they change to something else. The closest I've been able to get it to what I need is 1.9ish by 5.9ish inches.


      The deadline to send this in is February 8th so prompt help is much appreciated! Thanks!