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    Render time abnormally long..


      Hi everyone !


      I know my build is really old, but before, I was working on a Macbook with these specs : Intel I3, An integrated graphic card (intel HD something), 4Gb of ram.

      A Music video of 3-4 minutes with a visualizer a background and some small particle usually took me 2h hours to render.


      Now with these specs :

      Intel Double Xeon E5620 16 x 2.66 Ghz (24M Cache , 2.66 Ghz)
      DDR3 12GB ECC
      NVIDIA Quadro K600


      That exact video takes 6h ??

      I was hoping to work with better/same performance as my old macbook, not worst..


      (Im rendering with Media Encoder, and my processor is using 20%-30% of its ressources).


      Is there something I can fix ?

      Thank you.