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    Mobile Version: Vertical vs. Horizontal

    anthonyl65104797 Level 1

      Hey I have a question about creating the mobile version of my website. So I know that if you go into the page tab you can add an alternative layout like a table or mobile version. The thing I noticed though is that that mobile version of the site that Muse generates is automatically set up as if its being viewed vertically. On the old version of my website that I made outside of Muse, I designed all of the assets for my mobile version at the resolution they would be if they were being viewed horizontally so that they wouldn't pixelate when someone turned their phone horizontal. Since Muse has all of the pages set up for vertical viewing, does that mean that I have to resize all of my assets to fit in the vertical setting and does that also mean that they will now all pixelate when someone turns their device horizontal?

      Thanks for your time. Everyone has been very helpful so far, I really appreciate it!