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    Save For Web is slowing down my work flow




      I'm hoping someone can help, and I've done a search and nothing seems to fit what I'm wondering. I always save for web for all my photos after I finish editing with them. On my old Computer whenever I did that it would take a good 30secs-1min for the image to optimize and finally allow me to save it. I just built a new computer which is quite beastly, running and editing most images on M.2 Flash SSD or regular SSD when previously only on HDD. I thought it would be much faster, saving PSD certainly is, but saving for web remains the same speed, if it is faster I certainly can't notice it. All my other programs like premiere for video editing, and even just saving PSD has increased in speed dramatically but the save for web remains about the same. Can anyone help with a solution to speed this up?


      To be fair I edit mostly 46/36 megapixel photos that have been exported as jpg on either capture one or LR at full size. My PSD files are usually 350mbs uncompressed. Is the big megapixel attributing to this? Even after I significantly upgraded my PC? How can there be no speed gain?


      OLD PC:

      • I5-4760K
      • 16GB RAM 1300
      • 1tb HDD
      • GTX 660TI

      NEW PC

      • i7-8700K
      • 32GB RAM 3200
      • 500GB M.2 Flash SSD
      • GTX 1070ti

      Any tips would be appreciated, Thanks!