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    Loading Swfs From Array For Slideshow/gallery - Help Needed

      I'm a kind of an AS noob and would appreciate any help - did a lot of trial and error to fix to no avail (please forgive SO much commented out stuff in my file). Any help greatly appreciated - if you need anything else to give me any info, let me know. THANKS!!!!

      It seems to not want to load anything other than the swf in index 1 of the array.

      i have 3 swfs (for a calender image movie, will have more once i can get working) that load in on their intro and stop (later I will at a timer to time a sequenced progression). Upon clicking the button it is supposed to go to an play the currently loaded movies 'outro' frame label and pass the 'currentIndex' variable to the main timeline on the last frame of the currently loaded swf which then loads the clicked swf. I was doing it this way to call the swf by a number so i could run a timed sequential move of them where a frame on the timeline calls the next in the sequence.