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    Expandable Banners

      I took on a job to create flash banners for one of my clients. I am not that familure with flash so I outsourced it. Unfortunately the person I outsourced it to has let me down and I am left with the situation of learning how to create what the client wants or lose a valuable client.

      My knowledge of Flash is quite limited. I can do the basics of making objects move etc. I am running Flash 8.

      This is basically what the client wants. A Flash skyscraper 120 x 600. This will scrol through a number of their products. When you move your mouse over one of the products the banner will expand to 350 x 600 showing more details on the product you moused over. Obviously when you mouse off it goes back to the 120 x 600. I can find details on expandable banners which expand when you mouse over, the problem I face is how do you create such a file which effectively has different information expanding out for each of the 11 products in the 120 x 600 file?

      Any ideas or suggestions would be great.