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      I wish I had never come over to CC from iPhotos, losing photos! I could just live with, Not syncing! I could live with, because some of these issues have been sorted, However, now you get settled into CC and then it all goes pear shaped again, taken an age to sync after retouching a photo on my phone, now you can no longer share straight onto instagram, this is huge, I was posting one photo a day onto instagram, staring to get a small following and growing, now overnight, can't post on instagram, I can see what you are doing, get people to sign up, take there money, and then let the product fail, who cares about the end user anymore, I may be a bit harsh here, but no one reads this stuff and nobody ever comes back to me.


      Get it sorted.



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          I’m having the same issues with Instagram, it no longer will let me post a photo directly into Instagram from the Lightroom CC app.

          This is a big issue for me as well.

          Worked fine a week ago

          please update and get fixed

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Unfortunately, a lot of users switched to the new Lightroom CC thinking that it was "the" upgrade and replacement for Lightroom. Adobe (I think) chose the wrong name for the new cloud-based program, and it has caused a lot of confusion. In my opinion, Lightroom Classic CC is still the Lightroom of choice for most users. At least, it is for me. Maybe it's because I understand it, and because I don't depend on the cloud or the Internet that much. I prefer to have my images on my computer hard drives and under my control. But then I understand the Lightroom catalog and how to use it. Lightroom CC is a great program for those users who want to quickly share their images with others. Right now, I don't believe it's ready for those who are serious about postprocessing. And of course, it's not possible to print from the program. There are many features that I rely upon that are not part of Lightroom CC. But when it was introduced many users simply assumed that it was the upgrade to go to and that Lightroom Classic CC was to be considered the "old" version that would eventually be done away with. That simply is not true. Users really need to consider what areas they want and how they use Lightroom. Then they need to decide which program is best for them.

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              markj41047373 Level 1

              I hope that isn't suppose to be an answer to my complaint/Question, I knew exactly what I was getting into, I travel a lot and wanted to use my iPhone/ipad/macbookair/macbookPro and mac to edit/organise on the move, I use a lot more than lightroom for post processing, CC is just one of them. Lightroom need to get small things like this sorted straight away, or at least let users know that they are aware of such a problem. 

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I understand your frustration. But I don't have an answer or a solution for you. This is primarily a user to user forum. Most of us are just users like yourself. And I haven't embraced Lightroom CC like you have. I dabble with it from time to time, but I haven't committed to it. I certainly haven't migrated my entire Lightroom catalog to it and I don't intend to. My suggestion is for you to post your concern and problem in the forum where the Lightroom developers closely monitor and consider problems. Since Lightroom is part of the Photoshop family, the following forum is the one you might consider:

                Photoshop Family Customer Community

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                  greule Adobe Employee

                  One of the things you should try is to open up the "More"-option from the iOS share sheet and then enable the Instagram Share extension...see the attached screenshot. Hope this helps. Instagram introduced a while ago an iOS Share extension - Guido/ Lr Mobile QE



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                    markj41047373 Level 1

                    Thanks Greule, that does seem to work, a different way than I use to post onto Instagram, but hey, if it works its good for me.