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    Print PDF does not work without the full name of the printserver onto which the printer is located




      I am currently trying to figure out how come the print of a PDF in Windows 10 and Acrobat version 2015.023.20070 works only with the fullname of the print server.


      1. If I try to print on \\server_name.domain.com\printer_name - it works.

      2. If I try to print on \\server_name\printer_name it doesn't work.


      The problem exists only in Adobe Acrobat Reader and SAP. If I try to print with other applications such as Word, Excel, Notepad etc, I don't have the same problem.

      Any advice on how to fix this besides removing printer and readding it with full name of the print server? The problem exists on all computers in the company so that would be a rather complicated solution to implement for all users.


      Thank you!